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Archimon is an enterprise specialized in designing office interior, space planning, seat planning and office audit, advising clients on a better use of their current office space.

We undertake the interior planning of your office area or even the complete office building. If you aim for a better use your current office area or plan to expand the space, we undertake the space plan audit and submit a plan of the most efficient use of your space and ensure a modern, user friendly office environment in accordance with the recent office expectations. As a result you get a unique space plan created for your company’s special needs.

Our services start at the first steps of the planning and end up with delivering the construction plans. We are also available for carrying out the project management tasks. We have solid background in purchasing the office furniture and even coordinating the production. We are experienced in technical coaching for procurement tenders. For more details read this. Our qualified interior designers are experts in creating ergonomic and state of the art, environment conscious, modern spaces where our customers can do their work day by day in a pleasing environment.

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Sorry, this entry is only available in Hungarian.


Attila Bozó Bodi
Project order specialist

“In our world quality, punctuality and cost efficiency are outstanding values. Archimon guarantees all of these standards.”


Salamon Adorján

„Tamás Apró is professional and precise, someone to really trust”


Krisztina Holló-Takács
Real Estate Portfolio Manager

„We commissioned Archimon Építész Studió to do the interior design when we decided to refurbish our office and we were overwhelmed by their ideas and by their efficient, precise work.”


Tibor Kukai
Senior Project Manager

„Nokia has been working with Archimon for many years on various interior design projects. Tamás Apró and his team have been very flexible, always accommodating our changing needs and adapting to revised cost limits or deadlines. They have an unconventional vision creating multifunctional and comfortable offices.”

Europa Design

Ottó Feuertag

„It is a pleasure to see that at Archimon they use the most advanced technologies and the latest materials, always in the service of utility. In spaces designed by Tamás Apró our furniture comes to life, a joy for both the client and us. ”