What exactly do we provide during planning?

Quality client service is the essence. We work agily, exact and reliable, this is why many multinational firms have already trusted us.
We believe that the personal consultation allows us to understand the request of the client. This helps us to provide relevant advice and deliver the proposed plans at a glance. This is why we offer the tutorial regarding the interior design free of charge.

During the planning procedure we produce concepts, 3D views and production plans. Our design plans include technical plans with exlusion of the pricing so that can be used during the tendering process.
We also continue to be in touch with our clients following delivering the design plans. Where needed, we are also available to coordinate the production.

What we plan?

We plan inspiring, lovable, modern space for institutions and enterprises. We design offices, shops, health care clinics, shorwrooms, hotels, community buildings, and we provide both architecture and interior design.

What is the process of interior designing?

Whatever we design, meets the highest standards, with special care to:

Creating ergonomic work environments

People spend most of their time in a sitting position in their office. It is essential to choose the relevant office chair and desk and create an ergonomic office environment. This includes lighting, acoustics, temperature, natural light, noise pollution, air ventillation and more. Our plans are built up to deminish all disturbing effects.
The concept of the modern office space is altering due to the changes in the style of the work process itself and working in community requires community spaces. We design break-out spaces where brainstormings, meetings, co-working is hosted by inspiring environment in spacy and cosy work area, meeting rooms, lunchrooms

Space with function and image

During the design process we endeavour that the space we create fulfills the function that is dedicated for. In the same time it has to represent the personality of the user of the space as well. To fulfill this feature we propose creative solutions, design elements and relevant furniture to our customers.

Envionment conscious solutions

Green office qualifications (BREEM, LEED, DGNB) have an increasing importance in Hugary. Economic drive and environment consciousness is applied concerning not only the office buildings, but individual office area as well. Partly due to its public relations related value, our clients often request that the new office space suits the requirements of a green offce.
Considering both the amenities of the given space and the aim to reduce energy consumption costs and rents we give advice and design accordingly. We also help in finding the suitable equipement, appliances, furniture, lighting fixtures, accessories where required.

Relevant quality office furniture

During the many years of operation, our company got in touch with several producers and distributors of the first class office furniture market. When designing furniture we focus on lifetime length, cosyness and space saving solutions. We produce unique furniture design also ready to get involved in the production of the different pieces. We are ready to provide the optimal value for money office furniture to all our clients considering the different needs, functions, and budgets.

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